We are specialists at assessing and effectively treating all types of heart and lung symptoms, many of which are not necessarily cause for serious concern. Initially you should consult your doctor (GP) if you have symptoms that are troubling you, and he or she can advise you whether a more specialist assessment is necessary. You may of course, choose to make an appointment with us directly if you so wish.

We are able to assist people with Blood Pressure problems, angina, heart failure, cardiac dysrhythmia, palpitations, cholesterol disorders, heart valve problems, pacemaker problems, recurrent dizziness problems, amongst many other symptoms.

You should see your doctor if you experience the following symptoms, particularly if they are unexpected or persistent:

  • Chest pains, or tight feelings in the chest, neck back or arms, especially newly onset or related to physical exertion
  • Breathlessness that is interfering with your ability to complete daily activities
  • Palpitations, or racing / irregular heart beating
  • Dizziness or blackouts
  • Persistent High or Low Blood Pressure Measurements
  • Persistent high blood cholesterol levels
  • Persistent swelling of the hands or feet/legs
Our GP service, and Nurse Practitioner service, can also assist you with most types of other (non-heart related) medical problems, routine health assessments including those required for new employment, the DVLA licensing process, travel fitness, fitness to fly assessments, and with advice regarding vaccinations for travel to overseas destinations.

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